Bald location on a womens head, Any tips?

Query by Weenie310: Bald place on a womens head, Any guidance?
Im 24y.o. feminine and I noticed I had a bald place on the again of my head, its a minor more substantial then my thumb. What could result in it?? I know tension is normally a significant element but im not underneath a whole lot of tension. I do have an substantial medical history tho.
Is this one thing I should see my primary doctor for or just wait around it out??
Im really self conscience about it, even tho its not that noticable 🙁
Any guidance is appreciated.
Please no impolite remarks.

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Answer by Karan Tharma
Hair loss can be thanks to many leads to this sort of as…
Fungal scalp infections, zinc or vitamin deficiency, too much dandruff, and car immune.
As your hair loss is in a tiny patchy location, it could be thanks to automobile immune or fungal an infection.

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