Bald patches in youthful kids?

Issue by mumoffour: Bald patches in youthful children?
This afternoon I seen a bald patch on my daughter scalp about the dimensions of the aged half penny, the pores and skin is clean, not irritated or red and has no broken hair in it, its positioned on the top of her head subsequent to her parting but is really obviously a bald patch, now this morning she did get her caught on a button acquiring her top off, it did pull out a handful of strands of hair but surely it wouldnt have triggered a overall bald patch on her head? Or would it? She is getting a few problems at the moment with obsessive conduct so not certain regardless of whether it could be stress connected or regardless of whether it is just from the button. Any thoughts? I will be inquiring her overall health customer tommorow just questioning what other individuals think?

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Answer by maggy
it could be u comb her hair or some consider i can not seem undesirable just question the wellness visitor to make positive it absolutely nothing to fear about excellent luck

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