Bald Place im 17?

Question by jh07: Bald Place im seventeen?
im 17 many years previous and like two weeks in the past i got a haircut and soon after observed i experienced a lil bald place on my head. At first I thought imagined the barber had gave me a daring spot. I cut my hair at the very least once every two 7 days because it grows truly rapidly. So i dont consider im going bald. Its been two months and it hasnt grown back again in.

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Reply by John J
Appears like alapecia.
I had a case of this and experienced it dealt with with cortizone injections directly to the location. My location was no greater then a quarter (twenty five cents).

Listed here is a hyperlink, and despite the fact that the photos below appear pretty extreme, alapecia can be very a really small patch all by iteself.

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