Best flea and tick therapies for cats for somebody allergic to topicals?

Issue by Kelsey Circen: Ideal flea and tick treatments for cats for somebody allergic to topicals?
My cats are 11 several years aged and not once have I ever had a flea issue with them! I moved to my new condominium very last January ’12 from my mothers house (had been 6 cats and three puppies all lived with each other with no a single flea making use of no treatment options!) and in the final couple months or so have been battling fleas! (they have been stricktly in door cats their entire lives, they never ever go outside the house)
It was actually poor in feb but I treated my puppies with Comfortis, my cats with a natural topical (All-natural Protection) sprayed the property with a sentry solution and cleaned every little thing! I hadn’t seen a flea since so I imagined it was beneath manage.
Nonetheless my male has produced what looks like a flea allergic reaction at the base of his tail, I thoroughly cleaned every little thing yet again and located one particular flea. So I bathed all the animals and cleaned all the materials once more, however I discovered no fleas on the animals by themselves.
So clearly the Nature’s Defense all organic topical is not powerful sufficient for my cats, nevertheless tropicals like Frontline and Gain trigger a significant response to my pores and skin. My canines are on Comfortis, an oral capsule, but my vet has no oral capsules for cats, so they were not a lot of aid with this.
What can I do for them, my female has no scabs or hair loss but my bad boy is going bald! Are there all-natural goods that are more effective? Are there oral tablets you can advise? Is there anything I can provide him to sooth his pores and skin, I acquired a spray specifically for cats with flea dermatitis reactions and it appears to help.
Thanks for the support!
Hello, it’s more that I cannot contact the animal till it really is fully absorbed, as prolonged as it really is nevertheless ‘moist’ on their again I cannot get that on me. And given that my cats invest all their time in my bed room all more than my bedding, I cannot stay away from it!

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Reply by Josephine
Hiya if your allergic to the flea medication have you tried sporting two pairs of latex gloves to apply the drops.As effectively as this have you let the flea drops dry just before touching the animals

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