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ActiveHerb HairVive Hair Growth Supplement 80 Capsules x 6 bottles

  • Support hair growth, hair color restoration, general vitality, and healthy aging
  • Herbal supplement based on time-tested Chinese medicine; with He Shou Wu (Fo Ti) as a key ingredient
  • Made of herbal extracts concentrated at 5 times but not raw powder; each 400 mg capsule equals 2 g raw herbs
  • 100-percent purity; no additives (pharmaceuticals, sugar, dyes etc.); no excipients
  • Made in USA in cGMP certified facility; tested for contaminants like heavy metals

HairVive (TM) is an herbal formula with He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti) as the core herb ingredient. He Shou Wu, which literally means “Mr. He Hair Black”, is named after Mr. He, who restored his vitality, sexual potency, and youthful appearance by taking the herb dated back a thousand years ago. Today, He Shou Wu remains widely used by Chinese to fulfill the same goal and is gaining popularity in USA.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), He Shou Wu, in its processed form, nourishes the liver and kidney which is the source for blood and essence respectively. The liver blood nourishes the head and thus hairs. The kidney essence nourishes the bone marrow and bones, replenishes semen and controls the aging process. Therefore, He Shou Wu may make h

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