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FolliHealth for Promoting Hair Health (90 Capsules)

  • Strongly Promote Healthy Hair Growth
  • Strongly Inhibit Hair Loss
  • Concentrated Botanical Compounds Targeting Multiple Pathways for Hair Growth
  • Science-Based, Clinically Proven, Very Effective and Safe without Side Effects

FolliHealth is a scientifically formulated, proprietary botanical complex that acts synergistically to promote hair growth. It was developed by physician and biomedical scientist. FolliHealth is highly effective at promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss.

The botanical compounds in FolliHealth have been found to:
1. Modify androgen hormone metabolism: such as reducing the level of DHT, which is the main known factor that causes hair loss.
2. Promote transportation and accumulation of nutrients and growth-stimulating factors: these are essential building blocks of a new hair.
3. Stimulate epithelial cell growth and differentiation.
4. Enhance anti-oxidative activity in hair follicles.
These synergistic effects would greatly promo

List Price: $ 49.95

Price: $ 49.95

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  1. BridezillaMartina

    I’m not sure of the exact name, sorry.

  2. EbonyEyes00

    What’s the name of the steroid injections u received

  3. FavorsMe1

    I have been thru ovarian cysts and allopecia spots much bigger than the ones you have/had..I did a lot of research when i was going thru this and found that cysts do have some effect on the hair and may cause allopecia. I would just suggest trying your best not to worry about things you cannot control which was a huge challenge for me but I placed all of that stuff in Gods hands and once I started to relax, my hair grew back and my cysts went away best wishes i’m sure all will be fine

  4. Oh yes, PCOS and alopecia may not be brother and sister, but they are at least cousins. Thank you for this video.

  5. MsQuinnyb

    have you ever heard of OLUX? That’s what I was prescribed.

  6. Wiglover1000

    Your new growth looks like my new growth and yeah it looks like hairballs ROFL! Top of my head is always fuzzy. And no hair loss isn’t always random. It often occurs only on the crown. Everyone is different. I hope your BCP change helps your hair. 🙂 Ask about autoimmune disorders for hairloss. Do you have other family members with hairloss? And hairloss can start up as you age, unfortunately. The fact is lots of things cause hair loss. it stinks!

  7. 818poochie

    Side note, your doctor can provide you with a letter that allows you to deduct the cost of your wigs as a medical deduction on your tax return. You may want to talk to one of them about that, but it seems that you caught your alopecia early. When I was at your stage, I was very worried as well. Now I would feel blessed to have that much hair. I still have hair but it is thin. Stay on top of that alopecia. Its easier to keep it than it is to get it back. Be blessed!

  8. 818poochie

    My hormone issues prevented me from getting pregant which is common with PCOS. About 5 months of glucophage/metformin changed that real quick. If you are not ready for kids then you will want to use something while taking these insulin sensitizing drugs or you also may end up with a SURPRISE! I love my surprise.

  9. 818poochie

    I did not hear you mention taking metformin or glucophage. PCOS is about insulin resistance, which in turn throws other hormones out of balance. It is frustrating to try to determine what the source of the hair loss is. I have had PCOS for decades and can tell you that losing hair in the crown is associated with hormone problems. I am convinced that birth control pills contributed to my hormone issues instead of helping them so I commend you for insisting on something different.

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