Best solution for Hair fall??..Be sure to comment?

Query by Chelsea: Greatest answer for Hair fall??..Be sure to remark?
I am a 22 calendar year previous female…Not too long ago I am suffering from large hair loss because of to increased dandruff..I am doing exercises 5 days a month and so perspire a whole lot which has enhanced dandruff also…
Last month I started putting a mixture of Castor oil, Almond oil, Olive oil and Coconut oil on my head and then wash it off with Anti Dandruff shampoo from Human body Shop for reducing hair fall..
I also put a mixture of curd and lemon for dandruff for 50 % an hour after a week and then wash it off with Anti Dandruff shampoo

I have three concerns….
one) Is the previously mentioned treatment ideal for me?
2) How frequently can I wash my hair a month..Is 4 instances a week good
three) Can I use the very same Anti Dandruff shampoo all the time or have to adjust the shampoo each and every week or so..
Make sure you aid
Thanks a ton

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Solution by nico
you can continue the treatment you are utilizing. however, shampoo your hair three times a month only and you must use the exact same anti dandruff shampoo all the time. you really should also use hair conditioner to make it less difficult to comb. i would suggest head and shoulders. if you have lengthy hair, comb your hair not brush whilst nevertheless soaked. do not tie your hair with rubber bands, you generally drop a lot of hair untangling it. better still cut your hair small so that it would be workable and shorter strands to comb. when you cut your hair, and with the treatment options you are using, your scalp can develop much more new wholesome hair.

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  1. well to get rid of the dandruuf try the shampoo head and shouldrs
    it is a perfest product it removed the dandruuf from my hair also u can try the netrogena dandruff remover it is good

    but for geeting thicker hait try these tips

    drrinking milk

    eat food rich in vitamins

    dont use vitamins that r artificail to make ur hair thick ur hair needs nutrition from the inside

    try washing ur hair with warm water it opens ur pores to allow more hair to grow

    dont wash ur hair daily 4 times a week is enough because ur hair needs the natural oil in ur hair to make it thick

    hop i have helped

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