best therapy for hair decline in women?

Problem by salileh i: greatest treatment for hair loss in girls?

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Solution by alice academy lover
you must utilize a lot of shampoo in your hair…. conditioner for about 7 minutes. sizzling oil for about ten minutes. (you must try placing very hot oil in your hair… its quite delicate and like a conditioner…) dont go to salons, your hair have tons of damages if you do that…dont comb your hair too considerably coz it will expenses more hair fall….

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  1. If you have has Apalecia then a wig is the only way to go .I have a family member who had to do this half the time I forget its not her own hair it looks sooo good

  2. Vitamins are essential for proper hair growth. For healthy sebum in the scalp we require vitamin A. Graying and loss of hair is arrested with the intake of Vitamin B6 and B12. Keratin is produced by Biotin and hair follicles are kept healthy by inositol. Panthothenic acid and Para-amino benzoic acids are also beneficial. These vitamins are present in fruits such as lemon, pineapple and strawberry and in vegetables such as potato.

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