Blended female with “good hair”, 1 yr old with “nappy hair”. Any suggestions on how to care for her hair?

Issue by Zipporah: Blended girl with “great hair”, 1 yr aged with “nappy hair”. Any suggestions on how to treatment for her hair?
I am a 28 calendar year aged blended girl with what my family members calls “great hair”. By no means appreciated that phrase as it indicates any individual else’s hair is bad. Anyhow, my mom is white and I grew up with her. She by no means learned how to treatment for black hair, so I did not both. With my hair I can just operate it below water and wah-la.. Immediate Shirley Temple curls. But listed here is my problem, two a long time ago I was raped by a guy I never know. I turned pregnant as a end result of the assault. My daughter is lovely and I enjoy her far more than life alone. Nonetheless, her hair is not at all like mine. Her curls are quite tight and study course. And her hair gets really, very dry. I have experimented with luster’s pink lotion, motions, cholesterol treatment options, and spray moisturizer. I am at a decline and do not want to cause her hair to split or fall out. Does any person have any beneficial hints or suggestions for me? You should no impolite race jokes or hurtful adoption comments. Only severe useful answers you should.

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Solution by Isabella
I have the very same problem! I really loathe how my hair gets so dry. You may well can find a therapy on Carol’s Daughters.
My mom retailers there.

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  1. piercedpikachu

    Ive found that Teri LaFlesh’s method is WONDERFUL!

    she goes thru the whole method and its simple and she recommends lots of good products!

    i use this method on my coarse african hair and it comes out smooth and beautiful!

    Good Lucks and God Bless

  2. ahhh.. it feel so bad because of your story.. but… here.. you shouldnt any type of chemically related treatments on her since her scalp is still very young and sensitive.. the best thing i think is use olive oil on her hair once or twice a week.. and stay away from anything like lemon.. really dries out hair.. and again, her scalp can also be the problem. so just keep her scalp and hair moistourized, and she would prob. be fine.. and when you wash her hair, i really recommend baby johnson’s shampoo and body wash because it is very gentle.. and if youre still not sure with it.. mix the shampoo with a little bit of water. also… you should prob. massage around her hairline or scalp area with baby oil to keep her skin moistourized… do not apply it directly to her hair lol.. its something hard to get off…anyway… good luck 🙂

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