Brings about of falling hair? How will a hair grow again?

Concern by Kat: Brings about of slipping hair? How will a hair expand again?
I genuinely have a problem with my hair. I have a whole lot of falling hair a working day. And I am truly frightened that maaybe 1 day my hair will seem skinny. I experimented with switching shampoo and conditioner, but nevertheless it keeps on slipping. What do you think are the causes of slipping hair? How long will a hair expand back?

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actually, most ladies dont noe but mos hair loss is genetics. a female could shed most of her age at 22 jus bcuz early hair reduction operates in her household. attempt likely to a professional. theyll noe just wat kind of hair u hav [is it really dry, genuinely oily, and so forth] n then dependent on that wat kind of stuff u ought to b making use of.

also, its sumtimes tough to notify if ur making use of a merchandise that is all right for ur ethnic history. for illustration if ur white u ought to remain away from the black products becuase they are created for a certain sort of hair with quite particular traits. if ur hair doesn fit people traits, it could not do something to help or ruin ur hair. try out heading to sum neighborhood salons and inquiring 4 sum different opinions from ‘pros’.

the numba 1 purpose 4 this variety of factor that i c is R U Employing 2 Many Chemicals IN UR HAIR??????!!

also, i hope this is not the circumstance, but it could also b a sign of sumthin much more critical if it is accompanied by other indicators. if there are a lot of signs put 2 gether u need to see a doctor two make sure u rnt missing the greater photo.

gud luck!!!!!! remember, theres constantly weaves and wigs!!! if u should, locate 1 that u can totally seem gud in, n nonetheless feel self-confident.

Great LUCK!! hope this served.!.

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  1. Every year we tend to shed some hair for new growth..or you could have a health problem like diabetes or is it hereditary?look into these thing….using expired hair color ? using to much hair color?

  2. It can be stress, bad chemicals. You will be surprised. They say we are supposed to lose a 1000 strings a day though. Your hair may be shedding from not having your ends clipped straight. You should go to the shop and see if they recommend a hot oil treatment-that helps sometimes. Or try vitamins.Vitamins help hair and nails be healthy.They have some vitamins just for those things.

  3. There are a few things that cause shedding. First off people lose about 100 hairs a day. Second things like stress, hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy, menopause, ect can cause more or less shedding. Products can do it too. Some people are sensitive to certain shampoos. Unless your hair is really coming out like by the handfulls I wouldn’t worry about it. I am shedding like a long haired cat right now! LOL.

  4. These are the some cause of hair loss:

    Physical stress: surgery, illness, anemia, rapid weight change.
    Emotional stress: mental illness, death of a family member.
    Thyroid abnormalities.
    Medications: High does of Vitamin A — Blood pressure medications — Gout medications.
    Hormonal causes: pregnancy, birth control pills, menopause.
    Causes of temporary hair loss include:

    Medication – Drugs used to treat cancer, blood thinners, antidepressants and high blood pressure medications, as well as birth control pills and high doses of vitamin A, may cause hair loss.
    Diet – Too little protein and too little iron in your diet can lead to hair loss.
    Stress or illness – You may begin losing hair one to three months after a stressful situation, such as major surgery. High fevers, severe infections or chronic illnesses can result in hair loss.
    Childbirth – You may lose large amounts of hair within two to three months after delivery.
    Alopecia areata – A condition in which hair loss occurs only in certain areas, resulting in hair loss patches the size of a coin or larger.
    Thyroid disease – An overactive or underactive thyroid can cause hair loss. More information on thyroid problems:-
    Ringworm – If this fungal infection occurs on your scalp, it can cause small patches of scaling skin and some hair loss.

    Myths Related To Hair Loss

    Frequent shampooing contributes to hair loss.
    Hats and wigs cause hair loss.
    100 strokes of the hair brush daily will create healthier hair.
    Permanent hair loss is caused by perms, colors and other cosmetic treatments.
    Women are expected to develop significant hair back thicker.
    Shaving one’s head will cause the hair to grow back thicker.
    Standing on one’s head will cause increased circulation and thereby stimulate hair growth!
    Dandruff causes permanent hair loss.
    There are cosmetic products that will cause the hair to grow thicker and faster.
    Stress causes permanent hair loss.
    Hair loss does not occur in the late teens or early twenties.
    Hair loss affects only intellectuals.
    There is a cure for androgenetic Alopecia.

    Tips to Keep the Hair You Have, Prevent Further Hair Loss and Help to Protect Current Hair

    1.) Scalp Massage. Get yourself a good, stimulating scalp massage oil. My favorite is a natural scalp oil by Jason’s Naturals. It can be found in natural food stores, or you may be able to purchase it online. This scalp massage oil helps stimulate circulation of the scalp and remove dead skin and deposits that may get in the way of healthy hair growth and the health of the follicles which actually are the gateway to healthy growth and maintenance.

    2.) Every time you wash your hair, be sure to massage the scalp as well. Do not choose shampoos that are drying. Instead choose shampoos that are creamier and contain clarifying ingredients. Look for the words “scalp health” or something to that effect on your shampoo formula. This means it contains ingredients that are clarifying to the follicle area and won’t leave debris or residue on the scalp.

    3.) Avoid wearing you hair up – at all. Even barettes can have an effect on your hair health and growth. Any restrictions on that are a no-no. Tight ponytails especially. Try to keep you hair as free as possible.

    4.) Also avoid processing. This means coloring, straightening, perming, highlighting, blowing dry excessively, straight ironing, curling irons and any other high heat or harsh chemical methods of styling the hair. These will just aggravate your condition by further weakening the internal structure and outside bonds of the hair shaft, as well as drying the scalp and irritating it further, making the hair fall out more easily at the root.

    5.) There are also some quality hair thickening shampoos and conditioners that are actually designed for women with naturally thin, limp hair. These types of products are usually heavily fortified with amino acids and proteins, which are great building blocks to healthy, strong and thick hair. Why not use them to your advantage?

  5. sharkeygerl

    I had a bout of hair loss a few years ago and went to the doctor–I was 26. I got a bunch of bloodwork done, they were concerned with my thyroid. Nothing was “wrong” however; but apparently, there is a common ailment called Alopecia Areata– litterally just that your hair will fall out in spots, sometimes all hair falls out. The cause is not known, and treatments are not guaranteed to work. What happened to me was that my body was attacking the hair follicles and not allowing my hair to grow. I got some steroid injections which just helped in preventing my body from thinking my follicles were invasive/bad. It only took me a few treatments, but you’d never know I had half my head bald at one time since everything grew back.
    I’d recommend you go to your family physician and get a physical–there are lots of causes for hair loss other than what I had. I’d never heard of it before I was afflicted, but apparently it is a common ailment. may have some information for you.