BULIMIA and hair reduction?

Query by J: BULIMIA and hair decline?
How do i know my hair will expand back to standard after the hair loss brought on of my bulimia, which ive experienced for 4 a long time?

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Answer by tweetybird37406
well, i’d say as soon as you begin receiving the nutrients back again into your system, it ought to assist your hair to develop. maybe ( if it’s okay with your doctor ) you could attempt having a multivitamin…..that may well support.

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  1. i experienced hair loss when i was very deep in my eating disorder a few years ago. After treatment, im better but i still purge every now and then. Although my hair has grown back in completely. It is incredibly thick. So, i guess just give it time, and perhaps go buy a shampoo and conditioner that will promote hair growth. Something that will make it silky too.

  2. i really think you should eat….without throwing up
    i got this online

    Poor nutrition. Poor eating can contribute to hair loss. This is why some people with eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia lose their hair: The body isn’t getting enough protein, vitamins, and minerals to sustain hair growth….

    please seek God….& a therapist

  3. Try taking vitamins.
    Those should help.
    You should also consult your doctor for some other ideas.