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Master Lu’s Hair Formula

  • Naturally regrow hair!
  • May improve blood circulation
  • May be able to improve liver and kidney function according to Chinese medicine theory

Master Lu’s Hair Formula is an effective Traditional Chinese Medicine formula for hair growth. According to Chinese medicine hair thinning is a disharmony with liver, kidney, and blood circulation. Master Lu’s Hair formula may improve hair thinning and regrow hair. It may also improve the look of your hair.Master Lu’s Hair formula is effective for both men and women with a good success rate.

List Price: $ 49.95

Price: $ 49.95

Question by painintheneck: i have alopecia. can i have my hair permanently straightened?
i inherited alopecia from my fathers side. my dad and some of my aunts have it. i first lost hair in high school then it grew back. i had thick, coarse and wavy hair in high school then when i got my hair colored it just wasn’t the same. it started thinning but it still is wavy and coarse. i was really planning to have my hair rebonded or straightened but i discovered a bald spot. i am wondering if it will be harmful to my hair because of my alopecia?will it cause my hair to fall more because of the chemicals? serious answers only. mean/nonsense answers will be given a low rating or will be reported. thanks.
p.s. my hair is color free for 3 years now. i wanted to keep it healthy before i had it straightened.

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Answer by Miz.Thomas
Well maybe u shouldnt color it anymore and u might want to use very very low heat or just let it grow!

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