Buy new “Rene Furterer Vitalfan Dietary Supplement for Progressive Hair Loss (30 capsules)”

Rene Furterer Vitalfan Dietary Supplement for Progressive Hair Loss (30 capsules)

  • Highest Quality Hair Loss available

Vitalfan is a natural and convenient solution for thinning hair. It features a unique composition of essential vitamins and natural extracts that target thinning hair at the source. With just one capsule a day, over the course of three months, hair will be strengthened and appear thicker. Vitalfan Dietary Supplement – Progressive is specifically formulated to treat progressive thinning hair, which is hereditary. It works against the 3 factors responsible for hereditary thinning hair: vascular, tissular and hormonal. (30 capsules)

List Price: $ 30.00

Price: $ 30.00

Matt Lauer and Janice Lieberman discuss the medical treatments and procedures used to treat hair loss, including Propecia, Minoxidil/Rogaine, Laser Therapy and Hair Transplantation. Hair Transplants today are not your father’s ‘hair plugs’! Hair Transplant surgery can be virtually painless…
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  1. alanbauman

    @exbaldguy the LaserCap has 224 individual laser diodes that are on simultaneously during treatment. That is higher than any other prescription or commercial device. Each diode is 5mW and 650nm.

  2. radiodj1520

    I Believe This Was A Video Clip Of NBC News’ Today’s Report On Battling Baldness / Lasers And Hair Transplant Surgery On Thursday Morning, March 15, 2007.

  3. mplsridah

    so dr alanbauman, can i use the laser, propecia, and rogain foam at the same time? I can afford the $500 laser, thanks.

  4. its such a huuuge problem and everyone hates it and calls it ugly YET you cant cover it up or wear a wig and look normal like eveyone else? how sadistic is society on this subject?

  5. its such a huge problem and people hate it and call it ugly YET its wrong to cover it up or wear a wig or womething and look normal?

  6. justjoe9074

    @narcotect Dr. B. did the Neograft hair transplant for me which leaves no visible scar.

  7. @alanbauman It seems that everything causes and prevents cancer these days. Studies show everything. I wouldn’t be surprised it tomorrow they ha a study that showed cigarettes lowering lung cancer rates.

  8. theIibertines91

    All these men who claim Propecia causes “PERMANENT SIDE-EFFECTS” are bunch of FUCKING LOSERS!!!

    ALAN BAUMAN is the expert on hairloss and he says Propecia is great!

    Who are you going to believe? The #1 hairloss expert in the world OR a bunch of “joe-nobodies” on the internet!

    Don’t hesitate, buy a year-supply of Propecia and start living the life-style YOU always wanted.

  9. valiantfocker

    I bought a laser comb in decemeber, no new growth seen yet… I’m getting very discouraged,,, anyone have any good results?

  10. alanbauman

    The internet is a distortion of the reality. Think about it. If I wasn’t having a side-effect and propecia was working, why would I bother going to a chat room or forum? That’s why the forums may NOT be best place to get your medical information!

  11. alanbauman

    The medical-grade hand-helds, like Erchonia THL-1 are going for around $2500.

  12. sharpanator

    i was looking for a hand held device for max 500 Dollar.

  13. sharpanator

    i can not confirm it, all ppl i know and also ppl in internet rooms have all side effects, Actually ppl wihout side effects are rare!

  14. alanbauman

    Finasteride has actually been shown to prevent cancer in some studies. Check the research please. Also, LLLT has NEVER caused cancer in 40+ yrs of use.

  15. alanbauman

    Actually side effects are pretty darn rare with fin and dut.

  16. alanbauman

    Depends if you will are looking for a hands-free device or not…

  17. sharpanator

    what is a current state of the art device for home use?

  18. sharpanator

    its more likely that finasterid will cause cancer then a laser

  19. sharpanator

    good point but a hair transplant costs probabaly 15000 dollar and the rest of the hair on top of your head will also go away casue only the hairs at your side and back are resistant against DHT. A combination of all would be the best

  20. “My money is on Epidermal Disruption Induced Follicle Neogenesis combined with a stem cell topical being the next big thing.

    The exciting thing is EDIFN can be done at home already using a simple TCP peel and effective stem cell topicals are just around the corner if not here already – (acell, caregen) etc!

    hairloss2point0 (dot com)”

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