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Price: $ 14.99

Question by ♪ghetto momma bear ♪: Craving beets? Could this possibly be connected to my alopecia areata treatment?
I’ve been getting the squaric acid treatment for my alopecia areata, and recently the doctor upped the dosage! Now I’ve been craving beets. I looked it up, and it says beets can lower inflammation, and that’s what the squaric acid is doing – inflaming my scalp.

Could this possibly be why I’m craving beets? If it is, wow that’s bizarre! I think I’ve only had beets once or twice in my life.

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Answer by SethSpeaks
Beets are incredibly high in beta carotene. However, moreso, beets are a liver purgative.. meaning they clean the blood from toxins. I would suspect that your body is trying to tell you that the drug you are on is hard on your liver. Just a guess based on what I know to be true of beets.

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