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Hair Genesis Revitalizing Shampoo

  • A very special hair care product designed to prime your hair for maximum growth potential
  • Containing the same patent-pending active composition found in the Trichoceutical? Activator Serum and Oral Softgels
  • new Maximum Strength HairGenesis? Hair Thickening Shampoo is the one to use for those wishing to achieve maximum results.
  • Natural, safe and effective

New HairGenesis? Trichoceutical? Shampoo uses our latest advanced technology to stimulate hair follicles for healthy hair. New HairGenesis? Trichoceutical? Shampoo uses our latest advanced technology to stimulate hair follicles for healthy growth performance.

List Price: $ 29.90

Price: $ 29.90

How you can stop your hair loss and regrow a significant amount of hair using 2 products. This is not advertisement.

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    This shampoo SAVED my hair!, February 22, 2007

    This review is from: Hair Genesis Revitalizing Shampoo (Misc.)

    This is the best shampoo I have ever had in my life. My hair has never been so thick, and my scalp never before felt so clean and healthy. I am a woman at 39 who had thinning hair all around. After just two months of using HairGenesis Revitalizing Shampoo, I and my friends saw a visible differnece….Yes I do have fine hair, but now it is much thicker,has more volume, and my scalp feels very clean. (I do not feel any buildup on my scalp, as I did with every other shampoo.) It has been six months now. I am also taking 1 biotin supplement a day, and 1 vitamin a day. Now, I have the best hair I have ever had in all of my life. This shampoo did stop the falling of my hair, and cleanses my scalp the best so that deposits do not remain that could cause hair to fall. Of course, I keep my hair not longer than shoulder length, as longer hair does tend to fall more. This unique shampoo is also ALL NATURAL, all the ingredients are directly from nature. I highly recommend this shampoo as a solution for thinning hair.

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    @freebee9553 I have the same feeling. I like this guys advice but why can’t he pronounce some words properly? Europe… Eerup?

  3. bismuth27

    Ok guys.I’m not trying to convince you to buy this product or anything. Just talking about my own experience. I lost quiet some hair at the temples. I didn’t expect too much from when started trying it out. And it’s better if you don’t. It’s pretty expensive and when I bought it I was like “more money wasted”. I’m VERY POSITIVELEY surprised. I’m experiencing some regrowth at the temples and my hair looks a lot more dense. Don’t expect miracles though, but it’s definitely worth a try.

  4. Freedomcostmoney

    @Parkers233 I feel sorry for you dude.

  5. Freedomcostmoney

    The name of the hormone that causes hair loss is DHT. I would’ve expected you to know the basics before explaining your treatment on camera.

  6. I started to recede on my temples about 2-3 months ago, I ‘m guessing its due to my horrible sleeping pattern and ongoing insomnia and pretty high stress. Is it still possible to grow some hair back on my temples or forehead? Will it get worst? Please answer and great video.

  7. @Parkers233 Yeah. Me too. Well, it’s maybe because if they found a cure the drug companies would suffer big losses on fake products. It’s cheaper to fund youtubers then to create a solution to a problem 😉

  8. Propecia causes lRREVERSIBLE lMPOTENCE !!!

    There are several LAWSUITS PENDlNG against Merck over this !!!!

  9. Parkers233

    fuck i’m 17 and its starting to thin in the fringe, I have a long forehead which makes it look even worse. How the fuck can we put men on the moon and not solve hair loss?

  10. freebee9553

    i don’t mind being bald i just hate being half bald lol

  11. Me 2 bro…21 now and getting worse by the week….prolly gonna shave it soon

  12. jamil937x

    all ur video are advertising different products… ur a faker, a mere puppet to persuade people to buy products… the only good product is the book of hairloss& replacement.. and even if that dsnt work id rather be bald than be a victim of false advertising

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