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Futurebiotics Hair Skin and Nails Tablets, 135-Count

  • 135 tablets
  • Serving size 3
  • 45 servings per container

A special formula containing specially combined vitamins, minerals, herbs, and bionutrients important for helping to maintain or obtain healthy hair, skin and nails. Futurebiotics hair, skin and nails is a complete vitamin and mineral formula including special herbs such as echinacea, oatstraw, horsetail and asparagus for valuable building and strengthening factors. Hair, skin and nails also contains the sulfur bearing amino acids cysteine and methionine to help promote a woman’s health and beauty from within, at the cellular level.

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Question by wizard101z: Is it safe to take Minoxidil supplements to help cure hair loss?
I’m having hair loss. And I’m only 29 years old. My father (66yrs old) has thing hair but he is not bald or suffer from male pattern baldness. I’m planning to take minoxidil.

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Answer by JS
EDIT – i see you said “supplements”. If this is a pill, then disregard below:

yes it’s safe. But you might want to use the foam kind. The liquid kind is almost impossible to use because it takes 4 hours to dry and you have to apply it twice a day. If you apply it in the morning, you’re hair/head will look wet and greasy for 4 hours, which is not cool at work. And you also can’t sleep until it dries or it will ruin your pillow. – It really controls your entire routine. But, the foam kind dries a lot faster and is a lot less messy.

That’s been my experience.

Also, the liquid kind made my scalp itch and caused massive dandruff!!! so that’s a major side effect for me. But that was just my experience. Some people never get itchy from it. But the foam kind didn’t cause any of that.

Finally, one UN-safe thing is if you get it in your eyes. That would be very painful. Again, the foam kind is a lot safer , because it doesn’t run like water into your eyes.

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  1. "xphylum"
    32 of 33 people found the following review helpful:
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    A pretty good vitamin supplement, July 2, 2004
    “xphylum” (Ohio) –

    My hair stylist suggested this product to me when I mentioned that I would like to grow my hair longer. She said another client had been using it for her nails and had to come in more frequently for hair cuts because it worked so well. I am almost through one bottle and will definitely be purchasing another.

    What I like about this product: It is a multi-vitamin, so I can just replace my usual vitamin with these. I found it comparable with the ingredients in a regular daily multi-vitamin, and even higher in calcium than my brand. There are quite a few vitamins in the Hair, Skin, & Nails that are in much higher doses than needed, but these are ones that excesses of are easily secreted from the body (no overdose risks). As for its performance, I am very satisfied with the results so far. I have seen a noticeable increase in the growth rate of my hair and nails, and someone even commented a few days ago that I had beautiful skin, a complement I have never heard before! My hair also does not seem as brittle as it used to, and is definately shinier.

    What I don’t like: Actually, that my hair is growing much faster- not just the hair on my scalp, but I now have to shave more frequently. Of course, this is actually a testament that the product does what it says it will, I guess just be careful what you wish for! I also do not feel that my nails are any stronger, just growing faster. I am hopeful this will just take more time; I have used this for only about 4 weeks. I would like to warn potential users, however, that after using for one week my face broke out in blemishes, which was not only shocking but horrifying. These cleared up by the second week, but I would definitely not recommend starting these a week or so before an important event where you want to look your best! And again, my skin has never looked better since. One last note- one of the ingredients is betaine hydrochloride. This is an acidic form of betaine that is also used to treat patients with low stomach acid. I, however, am a longtime sufferer of gastrointestinal inflammations and have occasionally felt some discomfort after using this product. As with anything, even a dietary supplement as this, check with your doctor before using.

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  2. 7 of 8 people found the following review helpful:
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    effective in the short term, January 18, 2011

    This review is from: Futurebiotics Hair Skin and Nails Tablets, 135-Count (Health and Beauty)

    I have been taking these vitamins for about six months, and am going off of them now because….

    -I’ve been meaning to get my eyes checked for a couple months now. Then I read that your body cannot break down vitamin a in vitamins easily, and taking too much through vitamins can weaken your vision. I checked the back of the bottle-200 FREAKING PERCENT OF DAILY INTAKE! Could be coincidence, but I’m not finishing my second bottle.
    -They smell like dog food. You absolutely cannot throw a loose one in your makeup bag for later, your whole purse will reek.
    -3X a day is crazy. Can mess up your stomach and is just inconvenient.

    -They work! My nails made me look straight out of a Kung Fu movie after a month, and they were really strong.
    -Hair grew a little faster, and a lot stronger at the root.
    -I didn’t take it for my skin, but it did look great for the first couple months, and right away. Didn’t last, though.
    -Reasonable price.

    I just want to grow my hair long, so I’m taking a simple biotin supplement for growth and fish oil for strength, and getting my letter vitamins from plain veggies. I’d recommend this product, but not for long term use, as it becomes less effective over time, and because of the vitamin a deal.

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