Can a a doctor aid me with my hair expansion?

Question by I secretly hate my sister: Can a a medical doctor support me with my hair development?
All right so i am scheduled to go to my typical doctor for a examine up, and I want to talk to her about my hair development.
My hair has been about the exact same duration for about three several years.
Is there something that the medical doctor could do? Like a tablet they could prescribe to me?

Many thanks.
Oh i forgot to add, I want to make my hair expand out more time, it is not even earlier my ears, and it truly is been like that for 3 years!!!

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Reply by Wilson
There are several motives of hair decline and the most common ones are one) Alopecia Areata (a genetically dysfunction related to your immune technique), 2) Telogen Effluvium (precipitated by an occasion this kind of as serious ilness, infection, surgical treatment or psychological tension) and three) androgen hair reduction.

There is no remedy for alopecia areata. Hair will regrowth but relapse will occur. Corticosteroid and minoxidil are the very best treatments.

For Telogen Effluvium, hair will regrow soon after the underlying stressors or precipitating healthcare situations are taken out or corrected.

If your hair decline is not connected to your genes (i.e. no household users have hair reduction) or is not connected to a precipitating event, you may have woman sample hair loss.

Minoxidil is only item accredited by Fda for female sample hair loss. Even so, not everybody responds to this product. I have read individuals telling me that the solution only will help them to expand fantastic, brief hair and not true hair. Furthermore, these products require to be taken for at the very least six months just before you see the rewards.

If you have tried out these items and are not pleased with the outcomes, you can try out Bawang Anti-fall and Renewal Shampoo. A amount of buddies have employed the solution and told me it prevents hairs from falling and makes the hair thicker.

I have also noticed the following video from YouTube. The solution appears fairly promising.

My Hair Decline Story + Hair Treatment Regimen

The product is made up of Chinese herbs extracts which can restrain and equilibrium the sebum, nourish hair follicles, bolster the hair root to make hair much better and avoid hair decline. Bawang is not offered in all nations around the world. You can uncover it at the ebay or oasisherb.

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