Can a expansion spurt lead to short term hair reduction?

Question by mr query: Can a progress spurt cause momentary hair reduction?
I am 17 years aged and have often experienced thick, prolonged hair. However lately, I observed more hairs ended up falling out than normal and even my hairline was receding a little. By natural means, currently being only seventeen years aged, I am involved. I was trying to appear up with a handful of theories for why this could be happening, and then I considered perhaps it is the result of a progress spurt, since for the duration of progress spurts there can be high levels of testosterone which can direct to hair decline. So, my concern is: Can a expansion spurt trigger hair reduction?
And, far more importantly: is the hair loss momentary?

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Response by richard
it could potentially be cancer.

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  1. Nurse For 21 Years

    I would love to know where you came up with your theory because that’s new to me. Not everyone has a “growth spurt”. That is just a phrase given to anytime a young person grows a lot very quickly. Its not an expected thing that everyone will get.
    There is no truth to the fact that it will make your hair fall out. People often lose more hair at certain times of the year, usually spring and fall. Also, there is a chance that you are losing your hair very early as some young men do. No reason to panic either way.