Can a hair loss doctor determine exactly why somebody is losing their hair?

Question by : Can a hair reduction physician decide specifically why someone is losing their hair?
My hair is thinning very somewhat. I’m 29. I would like to know if a hair loss medical professional is able of narrowing down Just what is triggering this adjust.

I’m doing all I can to quit and/or reverse this.

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Answer by Nina
There are diverse causes for hair loss.

one. Heredity. If you are a guy, you may possibly be experiencing the commencing of balding. It does get started in your 20’s.

two. Wellbeing. If there is an sickness, it could have an effect on your hair and lead to hair reduction.

3. Anxiety. Anxiety can be a contributing aspect to hair loss. Several people expertise a diploma of hair loss because of to stress.

The medical doctor will inquire you concerns and will be able to decide the root result in of your hair loss and then advise a treatment prepare.

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  1. Hairgrowthvitaminsnow

    Instead of seeing a hair loss doctor you should probably first see your family physician even though hair loss is hereditary and yes DHT is a factor there are other reasons that can cause hair loss.

    1. Hormonal problems
    2. An underactive or overactive thyroid
    3. Certain illness such as diabetes can cause hair loss in early stages

    Other factors for hair loss can be

    1. Not enough of certain vitamins or an overabundance of a vitamin such as Vitamin A
    2. Certain medications can cause temporary thinning
    3. Stress but stress related hair loss is not immediate but happens around 3 months later – so look back did you have an illness, surgery, or stress?
    4. Certain scalp infections can also cause hair loss

    So, instead of seeing a hair loss doctor and buying a bunch of hair growth products your first step is to eliminate these reasons by just seeing your doctor.

  2. Ivor Goligher

    I think what all the answers here are saying is no. A hair loss doctor won’t be able to pin down exactly what the cause is. He will be able to advise you and what medication to take.

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