Can a starting a vegetarian diet plan result in hair reduction or hormonal changes?

Problem by k_roll: Can a starting a vegetarian diet program trigger hair reduction or hormonal alterations?
I have been on a vegetarian diet plan for 4 months now. I have been suffering from hair reduction and fluctuations in my menstrual cycle. Can an individual make sure you give me some sort rationalization and/or advice on what to do?
PS I have been using multi-nutritional vitamins and they haven’t labored to preserve my hair from falling out. I recently started out prenatal nutritional vitamins in the hopes of greater prevention in direction of the hair reduction.

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Answer by Molly
If you’ve been getting all the nutrients you want, I never feel your problem has to due with your diet. See your physician ASAP!

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  1. If you are not anemic and are eating a balanced varied diet then you should be perfectly fine.
    A vegetarian diet does not equal hair loss or menstrual cycle issues.
    A multi-vitamin and a prenatal vitamin both do not help with, or cause, hair loss.
    Talk to a doctor!
    You clearly have a medical issue(s) going on – and it is not from your diet.

  2. It is a supplementary food and quite hair loss,eat everything to have complete nutrition.

  3. Christine

    Muli vitamins do not contain protein. Maintain proper protein levels on a vegi diet is difficult.
    Best thing to do is stop your diet, or do more research on proper vegetarian diets. It is quite difficult to keep a healthy diet while cutting meat out of your diet. People believe that being vegetarian is healthy and good for you, and that is true for about 40% of the people who try this diet. The other 60% usually do it very ignorantly. This can be very harmful on your body.

    Also, your symptoms are probably due to lack of protein, if you did not infer that from my first sentence.

  4. Your diet is most likely deficient in heme iron, vitamins B 12,D3, A, zinc, essential fatty acids and complete protein…I had the same problems on both vegan and vegetarian diets. So I went back to a normal omnivore diet and I never felt better. Beans, vegetables and tofu are fine foods, but still can’t replace meat, fish and eggs for supplying these nutrients

    Edit I do also recommend limiting your soy intake, especially processed soy such as mock “meat”and dairy ,soy milk made with soy protein isolate…this stuff is not healthy, contrary to what so many have led to believe. Soy should be limited to traditional foods such as miso,tempe, natto,tofu, and soy milk made from soy beans and water only, not with weird additives and unfermented soy (tofu and soy milk) should be used in moderation…just telling you from my own experiences!

  5. Yes. Duh. it’s really easy to become nutritionally deficient on a vegetarian diet. Make sure you’re getting plenty of protein and saturated fat, and take a multi-vitamin hat includes b-12 every day. Also remember to watch out for trans fats and not eat too many carbs.

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