Can also a lot hairspray contribute to the trigger of hair decline?

Concern by LUCY 🙂: Can far too significantly hairspray contribute to the lead to of hair loss?
If you have been making use of hair spray for a really prolonged time, can it make your hair fall? What are some methods to treatment or avert hair decline? Make sure you help!

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Answer by Kenna
it can make your hair split, and if you use a lot of merchandise and hair spray then it would just be the construct up on your head then its more difficult for the hair to grow in, get a clarifying shampoo, this will all that gunk off of your scalp 🙂

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  1. catherine

    It depends on what you are using. Some chemicals damage the hair and contribute to breakage. The worst that a hairspray can do to your hair is to make the hair dull and damage.

    For a hair loss to occur, the hair spray must penetrate the hair follicles but fortunately it can’t so it will only damage the hair. If you are worried about hair loss, there are vitamins that makes the hair stronger and prevent hair loss.

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