Can an individual aid me determine out what is improper with my cat?

Issue by Rhiannon: Can an individual aid me determine out what is improper with my cat?
You should go through the entire question so that you never accidentally answer with something I previously mentioned. >.< My mom's friend's cat has been sick for a while, but she hasn't had an opportunity to take him to the vet with the urine sample he told her to get. His symptoms are weight loss, major loss of fur but no itchiness or redness, no change in apetite or how much water he drinks, no odd behavior. I've looked into it myself, and all I've been able to come up with is Feline Endocrine Alopecia, but the only symptom I could find was the hair loss, not the weight loss. He used to be plump, but now he's skinny and bony...At first we thought it was Diabetes but he isn't drinking a lot and there's no change in how much he uses the litter box. He's a neutered male by the way, and around 5-7 years old I think (we don't really know, he was adopted). Does anyone have any idea as to what it is? Very best response:

Response by cpinatsi
Did he have a blood check for urea and creatinine (renal function)? Does he pee appropriately? If the vet suggested a urine examination, probably it has to do with urinarytract an infection or crystals and blockage of the urethra. I never know about the fur decline however, funghi probably?

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