Can any person give me any info on thyroid concerns?

Query by Kate: Can any person give me any information on thyroid concerns?
I have been feeling quite fatigued and irritable currently and a person pointed out that I need to get my thyroid checked. What are the indicators that I must be on the lookout for and what are the offered therapy possibilities?
Some far more of my “signs”:

one.often emotion fatigued
three.switches between getting diarhea and currently being constipated
4.difficulty getting to slumber and keeping asleep times depressed

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Solution by Karen
Numerous indicators becoming chilly, excess weight obtain, and so forth.
You should use this website there is alot of helpful data on it.

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  1. sapphiregirl1031

    Your could have hyperthyroid. (Grave’s Disease) I have it, and my symptoms were being irritable, losing weight, feeling very anxious, sweating a lot, diarrhea, and shakiness in my hands. Your doctor will check your neck, and most likely take blood to check your thyroid levels. You can take medication to regulate your thyroid, or sometimes if it is very severe, you can have a radioactive iodine treatment to kill of the thyroid. Good luck – it sounds more scary then it is, but it’s worth getting checked out! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. If these are your symptoms you should definitely have your thyroid checked. I had the same symptoms and let the issue get out of control before I finally went. I went from irritable to downright depressed. I thought there was something wrong with me, but when I went to the doctor she knew exactly what it was. I take medicine everyday now which is kind of a pain, but feel alot better.

  3. you should definitely get yourself checked and my mom has the same problems and has to take this pill called synthroid every day but other than that she is completely normal. other symptoms i would suggest you look for are swelling in the neck. and most of the other symptoms you mentioned are common among thyroid patients i’m am also pre-med if your wondering why i know all of these things. hope this helps