Can anybody recomend a excellent shampoo for protecting against hair loss?

Problem by azurati: Can any individual recomend a great shampoo for stopping hair loss?
I’m making an attempt to discover a shampoo that can thicken my hair and avert hair reduction. thanks.

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Response by Andi S
Nioxin is excellent for that and any shampoo with minoxidil.

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  1. just curious

    mane and tail, go to hair forum, they have some great shampoo

  2. I used to have BAD hair loss, and every shampoo I tried didn’t work, so my friend recommended “Head&Shoulders” shampoo, the purple one (extra volume). Since I dont have dandruff I use it 3 times a week, but it really helped my hair grow.

  3. xSilverStarx

    I totally recommend Garnier Fructis volumizing shampoo and conditioner. It works great! I used to have that same problem and I bought it doubting it would work. With just 2 wks of using it my hair was a lot healthier and it had more volume! Hope it works for you. Good Luck.

  4. Mukunda M

    This is an answer I recently gave in response to a similar question.

    This is an effective, natural, permanent, low cost cure for hair problems. Root cause of most problems is harsh, damaging ingredients in shampoos and other products and too frequent washing which inevitably denatures the hair AND scalp. By just stopping doing that healing happens. Best to use tea tree oil shampoo – buy at Tesco(own brand) cheaper than most. My hair was thin and I was losing hair – the following stopped the loss and thickened hair. To clear and eject accumulated stuff and dead folicules in scalp skin and pores, it needs stimulation to get revitalized and start producing strong, well anchored thicker hair that doesn’t shed (and grows faster). Contrary to some thinking that brushing would shed more or break hairs, I regularly brushed with a palm held, fairly stiff bristled brush (50 times). There’s a little hair shedding and some breakages only to begin with but it stops as hair starts growing stronger. Amazingly, some new growth happened and hairs grew longer and more appeared overtime. 4 times a week I massaged hair AND scalp with oil(an organic oil – olive oil is good, tea tree oil is better – it’s a natural anti-septic) AFTER brushing and slept with it that way. Gives hair beautiful, healthy shine. I maintain a regular brushing(fewer strokes) and oiling routine and wash once a week(read up on alternatives to washing).Get as much sun as possible(vital natural vitamin souce). Eat healthily, with large proportion of raw foods and oils, drink fresh fruit juices, avoid denatured, processed foods, all sodas. I avoid restaurant foods(read up on what they do to food). I can be emailed(see my profile) if you want more info.

  5. zyvyxlady

    i recommend PANTENE Hair Loss Shampoo ..It has vitamin E for beautiful hair..Don’t forget to use it with conditioner..Shampoo leaves our hair hard to manage and dry, which oftentimes results to hair loss when combing..Use shampoo that is mild and intended to thicken hair.Usually, coconut milk helps a lot.Aloe vera also.Try to find shampoo with these ingredients..And if using with conditioner, rinse your hair well until excess chemicals are washed off..Avoid stress.Gudlak!

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