Can bodyweight getting dietary supplements direct to damaging results like hair decline and acne breakouts?

Question by Jay: Can bodyweight gaining nutritional supplements guide to adverse effects like hair decline and pimples?
I think that there is a fantasy about the bodyweight attaining supplements offered in these bulky containers, stating that they direct to negative effects like hair reduction and zits, how credible is this assert?

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Reply by lv_specialist
be really cautious about the details that you get from “them”. “they” will not know significantly about human biology or the endocrine technique and typically relay highy inaccurate info primarily based on personal view and not scientific information.

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  1. nonstick.velcro

    they’re usually a rip your broccoli and you should be fine.

    its also very common to see “these statements have not been proved by the FDA”blah blah blah on the backs of the bottles

    try asking your doc. they’re the ones with the MDs under their belts.