Can contraceptive tablets be the reason that my curly hair is getting straight or for hair loss?

Issue by ania: Can contraceptive capsules be the purpose that my curly hair is receiving straight or for hair reduction?
I am 22 a long time previous and I am using the contraceptive drugs from about an 12 months and a fifty percent. I guess the reason for my hairloss is anxiety or possibly I’m suffering from alopecia areata. But I just can’t recognize why is my curly hair obtaining straight! Do you know if it could be the capsules? I know that some the hair of some women is getting straight following a pregnancy. That is why I believed it might be the drugs in my scenario. Do you have any thought if my hair could get curly yet again if I end using the contraceptive tablets?

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Response by missyjudys
I question it is alopecia but the hormones in bc drugs have a immediate impact on your hair growth or reduction of!

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