Can folic acid be the reason for hair loss?

Issue by mrc: Can folic acid be the cause for hair loss?
I have been suffering from critical hair decline for the past number of times. Because we are ttc, i have been using folic acid for final two months
I have not utilised bc tablet as contraceptive. So any other purpose for hair decline?

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Solution by Sunshine
No, but stopping the capsule is. For all around 3 months soon after you quit taking bc your hair falls out- it shortens the ‘hair life’ that’s why you have a tendency to drop a lot of hair.

Sort in ‘hair loss’ and ‘birth manage pill’ in a search engine and read all about it.

Edit: um, I know it can be a signs and symptoms of diabetes. Also, if you experienced stress six months in the past, your hair slipping out can be a result of that. It requires 6 months to occur though. Any extreme anxiety then?

Also, is the hair slipping out in clumps or evenly all through?

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  1. I take folic acid every day now for 2 yrs. and I havent lost my hair. So no I don’t think so. Unless maybe your allergic! Call a doctor.

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