Can hair arrive back again from a certain type of hair reduction?

Query by Chris Kim: Can hair appear again from a certain sort of hair loss?
Umm So I’m a teen going through hair loss. It is most possibly Traction Alopecia simply because it transpired as I kept scratching my head. I heard that after it’s gone it’s long gone and some hair will arrive again but not all of it but is this the situation for young adults also? Just pondering T_T
(I reaaaaaaallly will not want to get hair transplant trigger I”m in a not so prosperous family and I will not likely devote countless numbers of dollars for the transplant).

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Answer by Sachin M
Hello! There are very good hair transplants available at inexpensive pricing- try Darling Buds at Chandigarh, India.
I did mine there and I have a head full of hair. But you need to develop up initial

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