Can hair reduction because of to vitamin deficiency be reversed?

Issue by Chris Carnage: Can hair decline because of to vitamin deficiency be reversed?
My hair is slipping out and I am extremely confident it is thanks to very poor diet since I’m only sixteen and it started out when I became vegetarian, will the hair develop again if I resume a wholesome diet program or will this just minimize the hair decline?

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Solution by Steven B
Do not be way too fast to diagnose your hair decline based mostly only on your diet program. This could be a coincidence. You will find a wonderful offer of study out there that also identifies hair decline as genetic. Assess this characteristic in your family members bloodline and see a professional to far better realize root triggers (no pun meant).

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  1. carmelcavalier

    Male pattern hair loss at your age is rare, but can occur. Proper nutrition, especially at your age and development, is very important. Things that go wrong inside of your body, many times, will show signs outside of your body – for example, poor skin and thin or thinning out of hair. Making a change to a vegetarian diet without knowing how to overcome some of those nutritional deficiencies (like proteins and minerals you obtain from meat) will cause harm to your body. Seeing your physician and a nutritionist would be a great first start to properly diagnose your problem.

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