Can hair reduction in women be associated to a vitamin dificiency?

Concern by Sea -N-Sun: Can hair decline in girls be associated to a vitamin dificiency?
I have been experiencing some extreme hair reduction for many months now and I’ve gone to get blood function which has turned out fairly all right (quite mild iron dificiency), thyroid is excellent, so are hormones and so forth. My hair has aways fallen out very easily considering that I was small and it almost would seem that my hair aside from being wonderful and skinny comes off from the roots (scalp). Could it be that there’s a vitamin or mineral dificiency in me? If so, what sort and how can I get care of it? I am concerned simply because I’ve in no way dropped so significantly hair as I have now. I don’t truly feel like I’m pressured, no trauma so what is it? Have not offered beginning, no surgical procedure and so on. I’m really now heading to lower my hair shorter to hopefully aid cease the hair decline but how can I make my hair much better so it doesn’t drop off my scalp so very easily?
My doctor just checked the testosterone degree and that’s is ok way too.

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Response by Danny B
Vitamin B12 deficiency can result in hair reduction

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  1. stoppdemadness2003

    ROGAIN….You are carrying the male hormone Testosterone. Apparantly too much in your body. A visit to your doctor and some hormone replacement therapy will make all the difference. I am betting on it. Good Luck.

  2. My friend had this problem and her doctor said it was due to her mild iron deficiency. She started taking iron pills (with food b/c they are hard on your stomach) and it took a long time but her hair started growing back and stopped falling out.

  3. Maybe but not likely. You might need more protein. If you are on a vegetarian diet then that is probably the reason. I lost a beautiful head of hair by becoming vegetarian. Now it is taking me years to get my hair back and a lot of money on doctor visits.

    Stress can lead to hair loss. I lost tons of hair when I was eating too much tofu and soy products because it blocked my thyroid medication.

    My guess would be stress, even though you say no, you could be internalizing your stress.

    Try yoga and take prenatal vitamins. I have some friends who swear by them for healthier hair and nails.

    Yes, Rogaine will help but it is expensive and if you stop using it; all the hair you have grown will fall out.

  4. daizy_954

    thank you for asking this question. im going through the same exact ill keep watching for answers

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