Can hair reduction therapy such as Rogaine be utilized to support facial hair development?

Question by texmex: Can hair loss treatment method these kinds of as Rogaine be utilised to help facial hair progress?
I am a 22 calendar year old male and my facial hair is even now fine and patchy. I only have to shave about once or 2 times a week. Could rubbing a hair loss therapy for baldness onto the encounter each and every day lead to my facial increase to grow out thicker and faster? If so, how long till the influence is apparent? Several thanks.

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Response by puzzled
it will not even support real hair expansion! Never complain! It is a ache inthe @ss to shave each and every working day

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  1. Like menopause, the story of unwanted facial hair is often all about estrogen, or to be more precise, the relationship between levels of estrogen and testosterone. Since rogaine will take over on the hormonal imbalance that it happening on your body it will likely cause some unwanted hair to grow. But typically, any rubbing treatment that was originally made for scalp care won’t be effective if it will be use on some facial purposes.

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