Can having Zinc counter the damaging indicators I have been encountering with a copper IUD?

Issue by : Can having Zinc counter the adverse signs I have been experiencing with a copper IUD?
Following six mos with no difficulties, I abruptly have all the signs of getting pregnant and hair decline. Has to be the copper IUD. Need to I get zinc or just take away the IUD? Vitamin C will help take in Copper?

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Erm that will not seem very good! I would go get checked out simply because it could be something else providing you people indicators.

If it is the IUD get it taken off! The Mirena IUS (with progesterone) is considerably better. Have you tried that one?

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  1. essentiallysolo

    no, zinc taken orally is essentially useless to you, it’s destroyed in stomach acids, to get enough to make a difference you’d have to get it IV, in other words, not practical. Get rid of the copper IUD and get Mirena.

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