can homeopathy remedy treats alopecia areata?

Issue by nicky kim: can homeopathy therapy treats alopecia areata?
there was this website saying that homeopathy therapy can cure a alopecia areata?? is that accurate??? is there any other way that can handle this can of illness???

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Answer by OG
Most of the time this condition goes away by itself above time but usually it changes the texture of the hair in the influenced areas. Mine began and I just shave my head now but that is not an alternative for most women. Homeopathic cures have labored for me for a variety of issues but I can’t gaurentee it will function for your alopecia. Keep in thoughts also that alopecia is sometimes induced by other conditions. I would reccomend performing what I did and that was to have myself screened by my medical doctor to rule out other ailments as the trigger.

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