Can I appear more youthful even sexier with out hair decline therapy by developing that 1 remaining strand of hair to?

Question by : Can I seem younger even sexier without hair loss therapy by developing that 1 remaining strand of hair to?
a 20 foot duration and then combing it over by almost bald dome over and above yet again?

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Response by Nick
Sure – as all females know, the combover is a strong aphrodisiac

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  1. Rhiannon Lost at Sea

    oooh I am feeling tingly all over just imagining it. lol

  2. Learn to speak French and call it one of those weave things. Have you decided whether it’s going to be a spiral, over and under or criss-cross? How about a contest to decide? Oh, I think I hear an excuse for a party! We could invite those guys on TV from that club. Maybe they could bring some samples with them? You never know, you might want to mix and match. You are going to be SUCH a chick magnet! Dude!!

  3. Miss Dementia

    Just train a cat to curl up on your head. Cats are also wonderful judges of character, so if a female that is secretly unpleasant should approach, it could uncurl itself, strike the Halloween pose and threaten her away. Personal security and high fashion! Can’t beat that, IMO.

  4. ♥~ BELL♥LA ~♥

    Yes You would make for One SEXY SAILOR !

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