Can I be in the armed forces with alopecia?

Question by Dixie: Can I be in the navy with alopecia?
I want to be part of the Marines but if they wouldn’t just take me I might be open up to yet another branch. My alopecia is not so bad, most individuals do not know I have it, I never have to put on a wig, my eyebrows are good. I would want to shave my head for boot camp b/c I’d be rather embarrassed if my bald places had been to demonstrate or I were to have a aptitude up brought on by the tension of boot camp. Alopecia isn’t going to impact my wellness in any way. I am healthful, I just get small bald spots. Would I be able to get my head shaved often at boot camp? Also I have talked to my dermatologist about it and he is not heading to put it into my health-related documents right up until I know for positive if I can be part of with it. If not his suggest is to not inform them and just shave my head, but that scares me a bit b/c as I asked previously, will I be ready to get my head shaved frequently? I don’t want to get caught in a lie and sent property. Thanx for your aid

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Answer by pinkie
I do not see any purpose why alopecia would prevent you from joining the Marines, nonetheless I feel you may well be greater off detailing to the enrolling business office about it.

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