can I have my hair straightened even i am enduring hair reduction?

Query by kyaNne: can I have my hair straightened even i am experiencing hair decline?
I really want my hair to be straightened because I have curly hair, but I am afraid that my hair reduction correct now would just worsen if I go for hair straightening, I want my hair to be straight but never want to get rid of strands of it worse than now, what must I do?

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Reply by Yvonne
You need to do some thing about your hair reduction before straightening.. if you pondering to re-bond your hair.. its almost certainly a poor notion.. Re-bonding would hurt your hair, they use quite powerful chemicals….it could damage your hair even far more . I recommend you work on your hair-decline initial , its safer (:

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  1. A few questions need to be answered before you go the route of straightening your hair. Fortunate enough, there are things you can do to take care of the thinning problem and in the interim, hide it.

    I had my own horror with sudden onset of thinning hair and that is now in the past. I live in NY and had the funds and access to well respected professionals for hair loss and learned some tricks of the trade which led me to start my own company and become a provider of immediate solutions for hair loss. I offer consultations at no charge… Pay it forward right?!

    You may call (646) 341-2437 and ask for Lisa. All your inquiries can be personally answered vs. waiting on forum responses. Losing hair is such a stressful and scary thing to go through. I wish you the best : )

  2. how much hair did you loss?
    If your loss a great quantity of your hair ,curly hair can cover it,and your hair may seams fewer after you make it straight.

    read this:
    the result can be stunning: straight hair easy to comb, volume declined … a real change. In the same vein as straightening the curly or waves are methods that make the hair stiff but not wavy.

  3. Bosley Medical

    I would advise you to hold off on the hair straightening until your hair has had time to recover. Straightening and curling your hair does not directly lead to hair loss but it does damage and weaken your hair so that temporary hair loss may occur. The heat from these and similar products dry out even the oiliest hair with too much use. Seeing that you are already experiencing hair loss, you don’t want to risk accelerated hair loss due to straightening.

    A cuticle layer covers each hair on your head, protecting two inner layers. The cuticles of healthy hairs tightly overlap, thus protecting the inner layers from the damaging elements of nature. Damage from heat-emitting products separate this protective layer and invite damage and dryness to the hair. As a consequence, the hair may break and lose its shine. Hair is particularly vulnerable to heat damage when wet, and so it is best not to blow dry or use any heating products on your hair straight out of the shower. If you must blow dry your hair, wait until it is mostly dry beforehand. Likewise, only use a straightening iron or curler on dry hair. You could also benefit from giving your hair a break from chemical treatments and styling products as frequently as possible, to regain some hair health.

    Taking care of the health of your hair is essential to preventing hair loss. If hair loss persists or hair breakage is unprompted by chemical treatments or styling, it may be a symptom of a medical problem in which case Bosley professionals suggest that you contact a doctor or a Bosley clinic for a free consultation.

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