Can I trim, cut, shade, add hair extensions even though I have Alopecia Areata?

Query by Nameless: Can I trim, reduce, colour, incorporate hair extensions although I have Alopecia Areata?
I have a pores and skin condition referred to as Alopecia Areata which is an immune disorder that assaults healthy cells triggering bald patches on the head. I have 1 bald patch a minor larger than a 50 % greenback. Its been about two months considering that I was diagnosed. I lately received the cortizone shot for it to stimulate the progress. I’m scheduled to go in a few months to get one more 1 and see how the progress is undertaking. So much I’ve experienced a little hair expansion. A handful of strands but primarily stubble. The dermatologist stated its standard for it to grow slow and that it will just take a whilst, but I am content which is it growing at all. 🙂 Nicely my concern is do you feel it would ok to get a haircut, dye, or get hair extensions? I haven’t experienced a haircut in about 6 months and I can’t wait any lengthier for the bald patch to develop out before I get it reduce. There is one stylist who I spoke to who is aware of my scenario. (She was the one who referred me to a dermatologist) so I’m grateful for her. Also dying my hair. I’m leary about this due to the fact I’m frightened I will dye my bald spot by incident and have color on my pores and skin. The purpose I want to dye it is simply because I have a bunch of gray hairs from all the pressure I’ve been via currently. And lastly I have been debating getting hair extensions. I have questioned a couple of hair stylists about this but they said they can not go over the patch since it is much more on the crown of my head but I have study movie blogs stating that you can. My only worry is most use a glue adhesive on the bald patch to implement the extensions and I would be concerned the glue would cause far more hurt to my scalp, and wreck the development method of my bald patch. Any tips would be excellent. If any person can give me a specialist viewpoint that would be even better, or a person who has dealt with and is seasoned with Alopecia Areata and hair extensions. Thank you to anyone who requires the time to go through this as this condition can have a traumatic impact on people. Combat Alopecia Areata!

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Answer by effieh
Cutting your hair is not a dilemma but although at any time you have this problem you would be well suggested not to use any kind of substances on your hair.

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