Can I use hair spa solutions on my hair after a cellphone treatment??cellophane therapy versus hair loss?

Problem by the_vamp_003: Can I implement hair spa answers on my hair right after a cellphone treatment??cellophane remedy as opposed to hair reduction?
I am planning to have a cellophane remedy for my hair but I’m at present having issues with falling hair. It truly is not due to breakage of hair strands. Strands of hair have a tendency to drop from the roots..Can cellphane remedies bring about a far more severe hair loss?? Is it alright for me to endure this sort of hair therapy? All answers are completely appreaciated!

If it is alright to have the treatment method, can i still use hair spa answers like each other month or so? My cousin and I programs to hair spa each and every other folks hair for X-mas bonding sessions(“,). What will be the feasible effects if i do so??


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ya no. fo sho. who, it rimadilios

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