Can I use rogaine to increase my hair out for a longer time even if I never knowledge hair decline?

Issue by : Can I use rogaine to increase my hair out lengthier even if I will not encounter hair decline?
I know Rogaine is a product employed for hair loss, but I was wondering if I could use it on my hair in buy to expand it out lengthier, and on my eyebrows so I could develop them out and reshape them.

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Answer by Diandra
You can try out it. My sister just commenced taking Bob Martins [for canines] lead to she has thin wisy hair, and her hair is currently longer and considerably stronger – just will not overdo it or you’ll wind u with hair in laces you neer believed you would. One a day only, LOL

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  1. no rogaine is not for that. there is a hair skin and nail vitamin you can buy at the local gnc that has biotin in it and you can add that as a daily vitamin but also remember to ask your doctor first before taking anything over the counter.

  2. don’t do that…I use Rogaine only because I’m forced to do it. It changes the texture of your hair (not for the better). And Rogaine doesn’t really grow real permanent hair – the extra hair will fall as soon as you stop using it.

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