Can ingesting eco-friendly tea guide to androgenic hair reduction?

Issue by : ): Can drinking green tea direct to androgenic hair reduction?
So i’ve been looking through that eco-friendly tea boosts your testosterone amounts, and lowers your estrogen levels. But black tea decreases testosterone levels and boosts your estrogen amounts.

Is this correct?

Due to the fact if this had been accurate, would not consuming environmentally friendly tea cause hair reduction? Because higher testosterone triggers male pattern hair decline on women correct? Meanwhile, higher estrogen amounts cause thicker hair on women appropriate?

In fact now that i feel about it, if eco-friendly tea raises testosterone it would do a good deal of negative items…..

-trigger acne
-oil skin
-hair reduction

so does ingesting too significantly of it do this?
Lol well i know it sounds bad. But i was thinking about it, and i consume a good deal of environmentally friendly tea and i have oily pores and skin and I’m vulnerable to breakouts. So i was variety of just putting the two and 2 with each other. I just want to make confident that in the prolonged operate I’m not going to damage my hair since of drinking green tea, when truly i could just swap to black tea.
I never ever actually thought about sugar ahead of. I use honey so i did not consider it issues due to the fact honey is natural. Well i possibly drink everywhere from five to 10 cups a day, and for each cup i have a teaspoon of honey.

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Reply by John
I am of course not an professional, but that appears like a load of BS…if environmentally friendly tea was Truly that poor for folks, they wouldn’t mass produce it throughout several firms. Inexperienced tea has antioxidants, way too, which are in fact extremely Good for your body.

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  1. J. Johnson

    No. Green tea has numerous, well-documented benefits. The only issue that should concern you is the quality of the green tea. Recent research shows that approximately 70% of green is now irradiated ( For therapeutic value, seek out an organic, preservative-free green tea concentrate. With a single serving of a good concentrate, you can receive the benefit of 20 servings of green tea, N/D fluoride and the caffeine of less that half a cup. Hope this helps. Best of health to you!

  2. how much have you been drinking? you have you may have reactions to some thing in and should go talk to some to help you better

  3. do you put sugar in your tea?? that would make you prone to break outs, oily skin and possibly hair loss ……. raw, natural or processed .. it’s still sugar and if you over load on the raw or natural sugar it will still overload your body and rip the precious vitamins andminerals from your system and bones …… on top of that processed sugar is sludge and will eventually do untold damage if not eliminated from your diet… green tea is really very good for you but still does contain caffeine, which is a natural diuretic so if you are relying on that for your fluid you will become rapidly dehydrated……… healthy hair skin and nails NeeD sufficient water to flourish.

    you still need 8 glasses of water daily….. irrespective of how good green tea is for you……. the more tea you drink….. the more water you need.

    and yes, i agree that you would need to ensure that you use the organic loose leaf variety ….. the commercial and tea bag varieties could never possibly be of any therapeutic benefit as they have had the bulk of the essential oils contained in the tea crushed and pulverised from them, losing much of their health benefits.

    peace baby

  4. Sounds like BS if you ask me… First of all I’ve been drinking green tea my whole life, I’m a girl, it hasn’t made me more masculine in any way…

  5. I can’t find any human studies that support this – where did your information come from?

    I don’t see any problem with green tea in moderation, however there are some side effects, warnings and interactions to consider.

    PS: There is no health risk associated with consuming irradiated foods. Irradiated foods are not contaminated with radioactivity. Irradiation is good because it kills bacteria that cause food poisoning. Such scaremongering should set off quackery alarm bells.

  6. Dr. Lisa Minalto

    no! green tea do not lead to hair loss!!!

    anyway as we know hair loss can be caused by many different reasons! There are many causes of loss of hair such as stress, poor nutrition ,medications, thyroid dysfunctions, illness, fungal infections, hormonal problems, to mention a few.

    year ago I suffered very much from dandruff and hair loss too and I started trying everything you can imagine to stop my hair loss.
    the things that really worked for me was:

    1) Vitamin A – an anti-oxidant which promotes healthy production of sebum in the scalp;

    2) Vitamin E stimulates circulation. Good blood circulation in the scalp is important in keeping hair follicles productive. The ‘B’ vitamins contribute to melanin, which gives hair its healthy color and also stimulates blood circulation;

    3) massage is also beneficial. Massage stimulates circulation. As already noted, good circulation in the scalp keeps hair follicles active. Experts suggest a few minutes of daily head massage by hand. Circulation through massage may be improved by using a few drops of lavender or bay essential oil in an almond or sesame oil base with massage;

    4) Try rubbing your scalp with garlic juice, Onion Juice or Ginger Juice(you can either of one out of three, Do not mix any of two or three);

    5) also I used herbal treatment – Provillus (do not use Rogaine – it will not work!)
    It is a good products that helps prevent hair loss and contains Biotin and the clinically tested ingredients approved by the FDA to help re-grow your hair.! I think it is very important!

    It worked and still works for me!

    I do not know if any pharmacies carry Provillus but I do know that you should purchase it directly from the manufacturer and read more about the product here

    It enhances hair growth by blocking DHT (Dihydrotestostrone) – a major cause of hair loss!

    Also Informative video about Provillus –

    good luck!

    not only my own personal experience + working as a family physician

  7. Green tea packs more health punch than most other drinks, but does it supply any ammo for the battle against hair loss? Amongst the many goodies in green tea are substances called polyphenol catechins. Evidence indicates that these polyphenols block the action of a specific enzyme that sparks male hair loss. As ever in hair loss studies nothing is straight forward — there are two types of this enzyme, cunningly named Type I and Type II. The Type II enzyme is the hair killing critter, yet a recent study showed that green tea only blocked the Type I enzyme;
    The green tea catechins, (-)epigallocatechin-3-gallate and (-)epicatechin-3-gallate, but not (-)epicatechin and (-)epigallocatechin, are strong inhibitors of type 1 but not type 2 5 alpha-reductase.