Can mega dosing 10g of vitamin B5 trigger hair loss in the future ? ?

Query by btwist45: Can mega dosing 10g of vitamin B5 result in hair decline in the potential ? ?
I’ve been taking10g of this for one particular week and the only aspect impacts ive had is dioreah and a dry nose. Ive seemed on the net on several websites and a number of individuals have mentioned they have got hair loss a number of months soon after having that significantly of a dose. Im sixteen and suffer from delicate acne breakouts so thats why i consider it if your wondering about the high dose.

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Answer by Jeff
vitamin b is one of the h2o soluble natural vitamins. your human body are not able to keep it, so any entry comes out in your urine. it is quite hard to have “way too much” vitamin b.

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  1. Marshall B

    Generally a B12 Vitamin Deficiency is more likely to occur with people who have intestinal or stomach problems. Healthy intestines contain an enzyme which is needed for your body to absorb vitamin B12 and without this enzyme it is likely that you will develop a vitamin deficiency. So whilst your hair loss may be a visible sign of something being wrong, there could be a more serious underlying medical condition that needs to be looked at and treated.

    If your medical doctor establishes that a B12 Vitamin Deficiency is causing your hair loss then s/he will probably recommend a change in your diet to boost your intake of certain foods. Generally the best sources of vitamin B12 are considered to be meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk and other dairy products. Failing this, a vitamin supplement may be recommended.

  2. Hi

    I came across this articles regarding B5 mega dosing and this is what he says :

    Despite many attempts at changing my diet, taking vitamin, mineral supplements, trying different topicals, etc, I keep finding that the only thing that’s ever made a difference to my skin is megadosing on B5 with around 6 – 10 grams.

    Generally without it my skin is really really oily, so much so I can see the sebum oozing out of my pores on my face at times if I’ve just washed. As a result I can get severe acne and find it’s generally very high maintenance.

    I jumped on the Pantothenic Acid (B5) megadosing bandwagon a few years ago (I’m now 24) and found it really makes a difference to me. My skin dries up to the point I need to use a moisturiser and it makes no difference what I eat, drink, etc, it just works and I’m acne and oil free.

    I know people have to be wary of what they read on internet forums but I can guarantee 100% that B5 megadosing completely stops my oil production if taken for long enough at high enough doses. The oily skin also returns when I’ve stopped taking it.

    Were it not for the associated side effects below then I’d probably be happy to continue megadosing on B5 forever and call it my own personal cure. I know B5 megadosing is definitely associated with the side effects I’ve mentioned as they develop or are more prominent when megadosing and subside after a while if I stop taking it.

    Metabolism increases, which in itself isn’t always a bad thing as it helps me stay slim, but I find my body temperature is greatly elevated during any, even minor such as walking, physical activity resulting in heat intolerance and bad sweating.

    The big one for me seems to be that it speeds up male pattern baldness. I know people could say it’s a coincidence and it’s not the B5 but I’ve seen a direct correlation between B5 megadosing and the rate at which my hairline recedes. I’m not saying B5 caused me to get MPB but it certainly accelerates it.

    Every time I’ve tried to stop taking B5 my skin is generally okay for a small period of time but gradually the oiliness returns and I need to start taking it again as nothing else appears to work as well. To try and help with the side effects I’ve tried taking a B-50 complex but that seems to have a negative impact on the effect of B5 and I get oily skin again.

    Ultimately I don’t want to be a slave to B5 for the rest of my life because of the side effects. What I’m trying to understand is the action by which Pantothenic Acid is capable of stopping all oil production so I can specifically try and target that rather than risk using B5 for the rest of my life.

    Are there any theories as to exactly what action B5 megadosing has on the body, either directly or indirectly with regards to androgen levels and other vitamins / minerals, adrenals, etc? There seems to be lots of contradictory information regarding it’s and other natural treatments actions. I’m guessing that somehow it’s increasing DHT in the follicle for it to accelerate MPB but maybe that means my skins more susceptible to Free Testosterone of which there will be less if B5 is assisting in converting it into DHT.

    Hope this answer your question.