Can short term hair reduction result in loss of hair at the crown?

Query by Dale: Can momentary hair loss end result in loss of hair at the crown?
Although anxiety/thyroid/vitamin deficiency can trigger hair decline, is it typical to fall out at the crown of the head? It seems like it would fall out in common and not be isolated to a specific spot, which is why I’m anxious. I am creating a really slight bald location at my crown the place my organic part commences.

I am skeptical it is hereditary, as baldness does not run in my family at all. I am rather large-strung. I observe 5-6 hairs when I shampoo and have been shedding lightly for probably 6 months. I know hair reduction is typical on a everyday basis and have never ever had “clumps” come out.

I program to go get examined for a thyroid disorder (runs rampant in my family members), and also analyzed for any Iron/Protein deficiency.
Sorry, my age is 32.

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Reply by JJ
Your age would have been useful listed here.

Male patten baldness is hereditary, even so other items can trigger hair decline. Hormones out of whack, i.e. testosterone. Some steroid consumers have trouble with their hair for this cause.

Stress will definitely not be great for it.

I would go to the physician, he can operate the tests and see if anything is going on that is fixable.

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