Can smoking cigarettes result in baldness in girls?

Question by jdmuyco: Can smoking cause baldness in women?
My friend recently found a square patch of hair missing on the back of her head. It’s a significant amount of hair also. It looked liked someone shaved a patch of her hair clean. She also recently picked up smoking again. When she went to go get tests done, she was told that she might have alopecia which could be caused by stress, smoking, and other things.

Does the fact that she started picking up smoking again have anything to do with the missing patch of hair? Is there anything she can do to stop it from getting any worse?

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Answer by Gardens and Flowers Gardoholic
I have not heard of a link between smoking and baldness. But I have heard about stress causing baldness in spots which is what the tests suggested. If she just started smoking again perhaps it was caused by stress which also caused the baldness.

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