Can sodium laureth sulfate lead to hair reduction?

Concern by Skullclone: Can sodium laureth sulfate result in hair reduction?
I have been listening to a whole lot of items close to the net that explained this ingredient that is in a lot of shampoos cause hair decline. Is this accurate? If it is, why is this even in shampoo to start with if it can ruin it?

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Solution by Paige
The much better hair reduction therapies contain monoxidil. Monoxidil has been FDA accredited to promote hair expansion.

One of the most productive hair growth items on the market place is Provillus. The main reason it truly is so succesful is simply because of the normal elements that they use in their solution.

The lead to of hair reduction just isn’t constantly easy to pin down, often it truly is a mix of issues that is causing it. One point is for confident it is ideal not to wait to do one thing about it. The before you recognize the lead to of the issue and tackle it the far better your odds of curing it.

In the resource box I’ve additional a url on hair loss and what can be accomplished about it.

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  1. Katy Bellini

    Based on the article link you sent, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) does not look like a safe additive in shampoos, BUT by using the powers of the Internet (*cough* Google search), I have found that this is nothing more than an urban myth. Yes, it is true that SLS is used in de-greasers and yet is also found in shampoo (and toothpaste), but it is found in the personal hygiene products at much lower levels than the stuff used to clean your garage floor.

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