Can somebody help me with my puppies skin discomfort?

Query by stephens: Can somebody aid me with my dogs skin irritation?
My pet has some slight hair loss, the hair that is left is obtaining a reddish tint, and her pores and skin is receiving discolorations. The hair that is turning crimson is only in the location of the discoloring skin.

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Reply by shedevilnotunknown
It could just be a “very hot spot” these are frequent in some breeds (English Bulldogs for example). Even so hair reduction and skin discomfort could be significantly far more. Ringworm and mange can trigger each indicators. Get your pup to the vet to make confident and hope its just an allergy.

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  1. could be food allergies… try not to feed any grains…oats, rice, flour, corn… go for a higher protein diet.
    That might mean taking her off whatever dog food you are feeding her… and feed her low fat cottage cheese… and raw meat… cut up some stewing meat…or rabbit or fish and see what happens.

  2. Yes – a vet, and only a vet, can help you. No one on here has examined the dog, so please don’t take any notice of any treatment they may ‘prescribe’ to you!

    It could be flea allergic dermatitis, or some other form of allergy, or it could be a hot spot (area of localised skin irritation). All these things require attention from a vet.


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    you could try tea tree shampoo/ oil to sooth th skin and it would stop any itching.