Can straightening or also a lot conditioning lead to hair reduction?

Question by Massive Al!: Can straightening or as well considerably conditioning lead to hair decline?

All right so I am 16 many years outdated and I’ve been straightening my hair for about a year now and this earlier thirty day period I’ve observed that I am losing a great deal of my hair. Particularly my bangs, which I straighten most frequently. But also in this earlier month I have been employing a lot significantly less shampoo when I shower and a TON of conditioner. I never know if that has nearly anything to do with it or not either. Can either of those items have to do with my hair loss. And what can I do to aid it?

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Solution by trees75094
It is possible. It can be also possible you have a healthcare problem. I am not a medical doctor, but hair loss can be triggered by plenty of things – pressure, thyroid circumstances, etc.

I’m no physician, but want you to see the medical professional to make confident it can be absolutely nothing health care. Then get to your hairdresser for a new hair style. Perhaps it really is time to give your hair a split, although you nonetheless have some remaining.

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  1. Goldfishgal

    i have sorta the same issue.
    using heated styling irons makes hair dry and brittle and casues it to snap or break so its not actually falling out. To fix this try many conditioners and find the best for you and buy hair repair treatments from places like superdrug or boots to help your hair. Also only use hot irons when you need to and also leave your conditioner on for about 10 minites. Hope this was helpful x x x

  2. coffeemaniac

    straightening can definetly casue hair loss , my sister had good hair and she has ruined it now becuase of hair straightening , its just ruined and she has lost alot of hair so stop using it so often !

    and the hair conditioner , i dont think can cause hair loss but if u use alot if causes very limp hair , it will look flaccid and lascking life and volume so dont use it every day and only use a pea sized amount

  3. choccodotto

    Straightening can make your hair fall out but if you use protective serum(spray) then it helps. and to much conditioner is good for some hair but not for others.and it depends on which one you use.

  4. Matthew L

    Don’t pull too hard with the straighteners, use a heat protection spray and when in the shower don’t rub the head too hard when shampooing and conditioning, you should only need a small ammount of conditioner

    I think you’ll be ok, I’ve been straightening my hair for over 2 years now

    Does Hair loss run in your family? particularly on your mothers side?

  5. i_heart_leopard_print_so_much

    Both of those things can cause hair loss. Don’t put much conditioner in unless you have naturally dry hair and scalp. Straightening your hair every day is really bad for it, because it actually deadens your hair and yes, it will make it fall out. Getting your hair permanently straightened is an option, but I’m not really sure how much it costs.

  6. Pratricia0303

    I have been straightening my hair for about 6 yrs now and i am always have a deep conditioner 2 times a week. Anyway pls read below for your information and i hope your hair will get back to healthy very soon 🙂

    Rebonding is the hottest original matter to strike the hair picture. Rebonding, is the procedure of applying, protein and moisturizer to breakaged hair. Keratine is what the hair is made of. All the amino acid in the hair is what makes upward keratine.
    Hair is basically an asleep protein known as keratin. Hair is awake simply at its origin in the follicle. Once damaged, hair cannot be significantly repaired by application of anything to its surface. Hair is blemished by sloppy handling. The better access is to handle your hair kindly – avert rough shampoos, perms, cruel curling methods, and blow-drying.

  7. survivinghairloss

    Okay..getting things straight..straightening and condition DOES NOT cause hair loss. Even if you pull out the hair with your straighteners, new hair will grow back from below.

    However, too much straightening and conditioning can lead to scalp and hair shaft problems like breakages which eventually create a look of hair loss. Don’t over do your hair. To get your hair back, try considering some vitamin B complex supplements.

  8. Good shampoos are usually safe, but an allergic reaction against any of the constituents different hair cosmetics and products is always possible. Hair products made from strong and poor quality chemicals in the form of caustic hair dyes and straighteners can damage the skin and secondarily affect hair health.

    As for as concern with Straightening of hair it depends upon the depend upon the strength of the hair follicles.

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