Can the antibiotic minocycline lead to hair loss?

Question by dabearz32: Can the antibiotic minocycline cause hair decline?
I have been employing it above nine months and have experienced instead quick loss. I was just wondering if it is known to do so at all. And If I cease utilizing it will it grow back again.

I am only 21 if that helps. Any suggestions would be appreciated
Daid Exactly where have you listened to of this leading to hair decline. Many thanks
Also how lengthy do u think it will get?

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Reply by Zack

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Facet Outcomes Of Widespread Drugs For Hair Loss Remedy :

Minoxidil : Trigger a slide in blood pressure, an boost in the coronary heart fee, and fat gain (fluid retention)

Propecia : Might result in delivery flaws in male baby’s sex organs if taken by women. Also, possibly irreversible aspect outcomes happening in the team of folks taking the drug are erectile dysfunction, ejaculation condition (diminished quantity of ejaculate) and lower libido.

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