Can u give me some organic functional ideas to reduce hair loss?

Concern by EQB: Can u give me some natural practical guidelines to decrease hair loss?
My hair reduction is becoming genuinely serious and I`m truly anxious about it,WHAT DO I DO?
(a 22 a long time aged boy with a tiny added excess weight,none of my kin r bald)

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Reply by frecklebub
1) Use suitable diet. Absence of vitamins, minerals and protein can result in hair decline. Consume clean fruits and veggies and eat a balanced diet on a every day foundation to stop premature hair loss.
2) Offer with stresses in your life. The trauma of demanding scenarios can lead to hair decline. Discover how to use coping methods to deal with and alleviate stress.
three) Loosen up your hair. Hairstyles these kinds of as ponytails, braids and synthetic hairstyles can trigger baldness by the continuous pulling and tugging of your hair follicles. Search for much more peaceful designs when possible.
4) Adjust the approach you use to design your hair. Perms and other substances can change the hairs construction and cause breakage and everlasting damage. Blow dryers, curling irons and other heating goods can cause a lot more hurt since they are utilised far more usually.
five) Read prescription medication aspect effects. Ahead of using any new medicines read the different facet results linked with it. When hair loss is outlined ask your physician about an alternative medicine that could be taken or a way to lessen your odds.
6) Hold routinely scheduled medical doctors appointments. Numerous wellness situations can trigger changes in hormonal balances. Going to a physician can make certain any diseases and circumstances that build are dealt with ahead of they trigger hair decline. Medical doctor

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  1. nin Ja bia inja

    hello! i have the same problem… wait I’m a girl though and my hair is longg lol.. try not to use so much conditioner.. you don’t need to use it every time you shower also. It can also be because you put too much product in it like gel, mousse, or hairspray.. try to lessen the amount of product you put in your hair, if you do. conditioner softens your roots, making it easier to fall out. Also if you shower with warm water.. rinse your hair with COLD water before you get out of the shower. warm water also softens your roots. i do this, but my hair stillllll falls out.. but not as much as before. good luck.. planting hair is always an option also… just kidding! 😀

  2. Princess of Persia

    change you shampoo to pro-V one ,it seems your shampoo is not good or you have lack of vitamin,i think henna is useful!(Natural way)