Can you get rid of hair with seborrheic dermatitis?

Concern by A: Can you get rid of hair with seborrheic dermatitis?
I’ve been diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis, on my scalp and experience. I’ve seen a lot of hair reduction with a dry, itchy and flaky scalp. Is hair loss common with seborrheic dermatitis? How long does seborrheic dermatitis previous with therapy with antibiotics and medicated shampoos?

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Response by Blackcat
Sure you can lose hair with seborrheic dermatitis as the title implies dermatitis which implies irritation,and infected hair follicles make hair slide out,the scaling also helps make hair tumble out and usually in hand fulls at a time,

seborrheic dermatitis is a daily life lengthy condition that in no way really goes away,the ideal a person can do is manage it with the appropriate shampoos and this kind of to maintain indicators away,the best i find is Nizoral shampoo which kills the yeasts that trigger the issue in the initial area,

but you have to maintain employing it to avoid it coming back once again,another factor is to just take B vitamin dietary supplements this assists to quit the hair loss as it calms down the indicators,i get vitamin B6 at 50 mg energy i get 1 a working day with meals,

considering that i have taken them my hair has stopped falling out and my experience is now clear too,a single thing keep away from sweet and sugary foodstuff as it thrives on sugar and can make the signs and symptoms a total good deal worse,switch to fruit and veg,

i have also installed a chlorine filter to the shower and it aids tons,my scalp is so significantly calmer as chlorine in h2o dries the scalp out so can make it scale much more so it means more itching and a lot more hair loss,

so how lengthy it lasts is often if you end the medicated shampoo,you only need antibiotics if it has turn into contaminated the antibiotics wont make the sebborrheic go absent at all,hope this helps so possibly try the vitamins way too as it realy will help it,

but of course hairloss is the 1st issue we discover with it and it often takes place,tension can make seborrheic occur too or worsen it if you already have it,it lays dormant then strikes if we are pressured,but the hairloss makes us stressed so it becomes a vicious circle,so dont fear about the hairloss as the hair does increase again you wont go bald at all.

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