Can you men advise a product that can thicken my hair? And make my hair stronger?

Concern by Abegail: Can you fellas advocate a product that can thicken my hair? And make my hair more robust?
I come to feel like my hair is thinning, and i am frightened that i’ll commence getting bald patches on my head. Can you men advocate a item that can thicken my hair? And some thing risk-free because my ongoing hair decline actually worries me. Many thanks.

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Reply by skye.elizabeth
mane and tail horse shampoo really worked for me.

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  1. I use too have the same problem. I started using mane & tail shampoo . The first month I didn’t notice much change but by the second month my hair became stronger & healthier .Maybe it can work for you too (:

  2. -Rikudou Pain-

    mane and tail works pretty well. so does Doo Gro.

  3. take the vitamin supplement bitoin
    when you shower use only shampoo
    personally the shampoos l’oreal vive pro for men (found at safeway)
    and folicure (sallys beauty shop) have worked wonders
    when showering use mild water on scalp and message hair for a few minutes, this stimulates growth of hair follicles
    …give these practices a few months and you will notice a positive changes…
    **WARNING** you need lots of patients

    as far for making yourself look like you have more hair you need to grow your hair a little shaggy, get layers and texturize it, have it cut in pieces to give it that messy look which conceals and overlaps balding areas such as your forehead and crown

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